Thoughtful afternoon

Is it true?
How will be the new normality?
We still don’t know, and I already can feel I won’t like it, at all.

Anyway, during the lockdown, while I was going deep into my own me, thinking more and more about my personality, about who I am and who I’m not, and what I want and what I don’t, where I belong to and where I know, I don’t.

I was feeling the sadness of being closed in my apartment, away from nature –which is essential for me– at the same time that I was grateful to be much better than many others. It was impossible not overthinking about the situation, all life and love I was losing, and it was so hard trying to focus on my future. I hadn’t enough emotional intelligence to do it at that time.

So, meanwhile, I had much time to experiment self-portraits, in calm moments and others no such calm.

And why I don’t show them?

Feel free and let your opinion :-)